Top 5 Search Blog Posts of the Week – 27th Feb 2010

I’ve decided to make the format of these weekly news updates a little snappier – so here’s my top 5 interesting/useful/topical search related posts from this week.

SEOmoz: SEO for Startups: Top 7 Lessons – Some excellent key lessons from Rand at SEOmoz plucked from a recent presentation he gave in London. It’s easy to forget the SEO basics and sometimes worth a re-read.

Scobleizer: Coming soon: the disruptive molecular age of information – A fascinating article about how we need better tools to link up information available to us on the web, especially from social media sources.

WebProNews: Should Social Media Be Held Accountable for User Actions? – In Italy three Google executives were convicted over a video uploaded to YouTube. There’s an interesting moral question here: should online publishers be held responsible for content uploaded by others when much of the process is automated?

Mashable: HTML5 Knocks Out Adobe Flash in Reader Vote – After Apple recently announced a lack of support for Adobe Flash on the iPad and YouTube introduced HTML 5 video support , Mashable held a poll entitled: “Who would win in a fight: Adobe Flash or HTML5?”. It was a landslide in favour of HTML 5.

Telegraph: Facebook status updates to appear in Google – shortly after Google included MySpace updates in the SERPs, they have now announced that status updates from Facebook fan pages will be included too. This has been on the cards for quite some time and gives you all the more reason to create a fan page on Facebook and regularly update it.

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