Time Sensitive Content

As search engine technology improves and links in with social computing websites and blogs, it’s becoming more and more important to write content related to a specific event, close to that event.

The Tardis - good for finding temporally relevant contentTemporal Relevance

Temporal relevance is a phrase used to describe how relevant an article or piece of content is based on it’s temporal proximity to an established event. That is to say, if you write an article about a ‘current’ news story, soon after it happens, search engines will attribute it with more importance than if you wait for a week (or even a day).

Use a blog or CMS for current content

One of the best ways to create current content is to incorporate a blog into your website with frequently updated articles and empower as many authoritative users as you can to add articles to it. You can achieve the same effect by using a Content Management System to write regular articles. Even if your website is not a news site as such, and your goal is to push users towards a static (from a content point of view) area, to purchase a product for example,  you can write articles about current newsworthy events related to your website’s core area of business to gain traffic and relevant (people who are interested in your business) visitors.

Aside from getting more matches on current articles, as a general rule, search engines will rank websites with frequently updated content more highly, because they’re seen to contain more up to date (and therefore more relevant) content.