January 2010

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Apple Introduces iPad

via mashable.com So Apple’s Tablet is out and it’s called ‘iPad’. Mashable’s Ben Parr is currently covering the announcement from Steve Jobs and so far it looks to be pretty much exactly as the rumours predicted: like a big iPhone. Features include: – Pivoting display (like the iPhone) – Virtual keyboard – Web enabled – […]

10 social media tips from Panther Interactive

I spotted the following 10 rather good social media tips on the Panther Interactive Marketing Solutions website and thought they were worth quoting here: What are we trying to accomplish? Are you looking for more leads, more direct sales, greater brand awareness, conversions, or brand engagement? Understanding what you’re trying to actually do with your […]

SEO Time Management – Getting the Proportions Right

Whether you’re responsible for the SEO of a large corporate website or optimising a blog in your bedroom, you will need to plan the relative amount of time that you or your team are going to spend implementing your search engine optimisation strategy. This article is intended to help focus your thoughts on planning how […]