SEO is an important part of any internet marketing strategyWhat is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (or Search Engine Optimization in American English) is a term used to describe the science involved in increasing the quantity and quality of visitors to a web site from search engines through natural or un-paid listing.

Get top ranking in natural search engine listings

The purpose of this website is to deliver a complete set of ethical (white hat), best practice advice for SEO and search engine marketing, with a view to attaining a long term high ranking in the major search engine listings (Google, Yahoo, Bing, et al). With information on everything from technical architecture and content, to link strategy and leveraging social networking, including practical examples and frequently updated articles, this is an SEO one-stop-shop.

Make no mistake, there’s no quick fix that will send your website to the top of all the natural search listings in your chosen field and keep it there. SEO is a process that takes careful planning, thought & maintenance, but the time you invest can reap great rewards. SEO can be a very cost effective marketing technique to complement or even replace paid online advertising (ppc, blind network banner campaigns) and offline advertising.

Key SEO factors

The key constituents involved in SEO are broken down into the following key areas across this website. Follow these principles and your natural search ranking will improve.

Technical Architecture

HTML & CSS, CMS, domains, hosting.

SEO Content

Relevance, Information Architecture, Keyword Density, Time Sensitive Content, Page Titles & Meta Tags and Sitemaps.


Choosing a tool, Analysing campaigns