An important consideration before building a website is the technical architecture. Search engines don’t care whether you’re using ASP.Net, PHP or Java, or using CMS or blogging software like Sitecore, Umbraco or WordPress. However, they do care about the mark-up and client side code (that is to say HTML/XHTML, css and javascript) that’s produced, so it’s going to make your life a whole lot easier choosing a platform that lends itself to producing SEO friendly web pages. If all of these acronyms make little sense, don’t worry – you don’t need to be a programmer to understand search engine optimisation, but having a little technical knowledge about the web definitely helps and reading through this section (or at least pointing your web developer in this direction) will stand you in good stead.

This topic is broken down into the following sections:

  • HTML for SEO

    The importance of HTML in SEO – advice on how to craft HTML for maximum SEO.

  • CMS for SEO

    SEO friendly platforms to publish your website – CMS, Blog or build from scratch?

  • Hosting

    How to choose a suitable web hosting environment and the relative importance in SEO.

  • Domain names

    How to pick a suitable domain name for SEO.